There are many marine chemical suppliers in UAE. They are working in all emirates of UAE like Sharjah, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Um ul Quwain, Ajman and Ras al Khaima.

These Industries have specialist chemical manufacturer and any directions for the use and application of its chemicals are provided in good faith. This information is based on experience and research but is not intended to be a definitive statement for the use of the chemical or to be taken as complete process advice. While the company, its management and employees will share what knowledge they have and make recommendations, this information can never give rise to liability or consequential damage from third parties. Any information provided regarding the chemical does not exempt the customer from examining the product and its directions for use to determine the suitability themselves for its intended purpose. They have specialized global blender and supplier of marine cleaning chemicals, application equipment and cleaning supervision / supercargo services.

All chemicals are locally produced in various strategic locations and can be delivered in ports worldwide. They have differentiated themselves from the typical general suppliers of marine chemicals and have narrowed their focus to first and foremost product tanker and dry bulk segments.

Many premium quality marine chemical suppliers and manufacturer are more reputed organizations in UAE and at international level. Their long term experience in chemical fields has enabled them to reach such a top notch positions among the marine chemicals manufacturer in UAE.

Now we will tell you about the most important chemicals that are used widely in the UAE. So keep patience and learn about the most demanded chemicals in marine today.

List of highly demanded premium quality chemicals: 

Degreaser, oil spill dispersant, paint tinner, de- emulsifier are some of the main chemicals. Ethylene glycol, methanol, battery electrolyte, distilled water, activated carbon, ethylene glycol, oxalic acid, activated alumina, propylene glycol, sodium hypochlorite, silica gel, ferric chloride, sodium thiosulphate, walnut shell and battery electrolyte.

The following are some of the details of complete premium quality chemicals in UAE.

Effective chemical solutions for tank cleaning: C- clean, eco clean, multi cleaner, sea clean voyage, steam clean extra, steam clean HPC- NF, tank clean Extra, tank clean neutral and HD split, test kit wall wash etc.

Various effective engine room & deck clean solutions: Air cooler cleaner, degreaser 156, desclaing liquid extra, GP degrease, GP enviro,hand cleaner orange, separator disc cleane, ultrasonic cleaner and rust remover.

Cruise line accommodation: Air fresh, antifoam, hand cleaner orange, microzyme sewage, test kit portable water, test kit sewage effluent, veclean blue, veclean acid MP and uriclean concentrate.

Various effective solutions for water treatment: These include products for conditioning cooling water and boiler water, preventing scale formation and corrosion, neutralising pH, etc. We have a full range of test kits for determination of alkalinity, chloride, nitrite, DEHA, phosphate and hardness. Alkalinity control, antifreeze coolant, boiler treat combi, boiler treat one shot, condensate control condensate treat, cool treat NCLT, evaporator treat, hardness control liquid,mud and silt dispersant, test kit nitrite, test kit total hardness, test kit phosphate and test kit oxygen.

If you are running an industry that deals with chemicals, then you will need chemicals for all of your processes. You need to decide on the quality of the chemicals that you require for your work. Based on your decision, you need to search for these chemical suppliers in the UAE. If you look into the market, you will find many dealers for chemicals all around in UAE. However, if the quality is your priority then you should keep the above in mind to take the best.