Tissue paper suppliers in Dubai

Tissue paper suppliers in Dubai offer the most refined quality tissues suitable for your needs in terms of hygiene for your hotel, home restaurants, cafes, facial use, round tables, and so on.

Characteristics of Tissue Paper supplied in Dubai

Tissue Paper is made with care and attention to the needs of the consumer. The public is becoming more conscious of the importance of personal hygiene and utilizing tissue paper for their daily requirements. You can also find Tissue paper in cake and sweet containers. In addition to these, facial tissue papers, tissue papers used in kitchens, and toilet tissue paper are also part of this large class of tissue paper.

Tissue paper is a unique type of paper with various properties that distinguish it from other kinds of paper. These are the characteristics:


This characteristic of tissue paper is due to its roughness. The rougher the tissue paper, the better it absorbs liquids. This is typically why certain tissue papers are more intimidating than others.

Thickness or Caliper

Caliper is a measure of thickness in tissue papers. Since paper density is typically not directly known, the measurement is made using a Caliper instrument. Caliper used for tissues is usually identical across various brands since tissue paper is not significantly different in thickness. You can measure the caliper in micrometers.

Basis Weight

A term called basis weight can be utilized in the paper and fabric industry to refer to the mass of an area. The basis weight of tissue paper is the number of sheets, and the weight of tissues is a figure that typically falls to around 480 sheets.


The ability to stretch tissue paper results from controlling crepe during tissue paper production. The tissue paper sheet is fixed to a dry surface, then compressed to form micro folds across the sheet, making it flexible and soft.


Tissue paper’s brightness is an optical characteristic, and the brightness is measured alongside the color under outdoor and indoor lighting conditions. This is done because specific international standards must be adhered to when making tissue paper, and different standards govern the brightness of various types of tissue paper. Therefore, single-ply tissue papers will vary in brightness from multi-ply tissue papers.

Final Words

There are numerous tissues available in the market. Here are a few of the most commonly used tissue papers: Facial Tissue products, Tissue Napkins, Toilet Paper Rolls, Paper Towels, C-fold Tissue paper, Paper Bedsheet Rolls, Table Rolls, Kitchen Towels, Handkerchiefs, and Kitchen Towels. Tissue products are soft, thin, pliable with high absorbency.

In recent years, the need for tissue paper has been growing because of its numerous advantages.