Oil is the most important energy source that fuels the world. Every year millions of barrels of oil are transported to different parts of the world through various sea routes. Despite the best efforts of oil and shipping companies to transport the oil safely from production points to destinations of its consumption, oil spills happen regularly. Many times the spills are caused due to human negligence and at other times it may happen due to some tragedy or disaster on the route. In either case, removing the oil spill gains top priority and for this, different types of oil spill dispersant chemical products are used.

Learning More About Oil Dispersants

Oil dispersants are chemical mixtures comprising mainly of various surface-active substances that help to increase the solubility and mobility of oil. They help in converting the spilled oil into smaller particles and droplets that can be easily dispersed beneath the water column. There are different types of dispersants based on the variation in their formulation, their effectiveness, and the type of oil they can be used with. Most shipping oil and shipping companies partner with a renowned and reliable oil spill dispersant chemical supplier, such as Oasis Chemical Materials Trading, to ensure the timely availability of these products in times of need.

Need To Use Oil Dispersants

Oil spills tend to spread quickly over several square miles mainly due to the effects of water currents and waves. This can prove extremely hazardous to the local marine life and can also damage other ships and vessels in the vicinity. As the oil spill nears the shorelines, it becomes particularly destructive for local wildlife and plant life. Moreover, it can also cause serious damage to any smaller boats, fishing gear, and other installations around the shoreline. That is why is important to get rid of the spills immediately using the most appropriate oil spill dispersant chemicals. Doing so proves advantageous in the following ways.

  • Most oil spill dispersants can be used in stronger currents and rough seas.
  • Using the chemicals to remove the spills helps in preventing the contamination of water and thus safeguards marine life.
  • The chemicals eliminate the chances of oil droplets getting carried over to the shorelines by wind or waves.
  • They prevent the formation of oil-water emulsion and are the fastest and most effective way of removing the spilled oil.

Factors Determining The Quantity Ad Type Of Dispersants To Be Used

Every oil spill is different and requires a specific quantity of a particular dispersant to ensure complete removal. The quantity and type of products required are determined by the oil spill dispersant chemical supplier as per the below-listed factors.

  • Different oils react uniquely with different dispersants which is why the type of oil spilled is a major factor in the choice of dispersant.
  • Apart from the type of oil, the amount of oil spilled also needs to be accessed to choose the right quantity of dispersants.
  • The weather conditions around the spill area play an equally important role in deciding the amount of dispersant.
  • Finally, the marine environment of the spill area needs to be considered for choosing the right type and quantity of dispersants.