With only a few months before sulpher 2020 kicks in, it’s time to make sure you know what you are doing regarding your emissions. The new legislation is asserting that all ship fuel emissions are under 0.5% sulphur, but as we all know this isn’t a simple matter of switching from one fuel to another. Until now, many of the high sulphur fuel oils that have been predominantly used have a tendency to stick to the inside of the fuel tanks and pipelines causing sludge. Before you can go anywhere near changing your fuel to a compliant one, you will need to give your tanks and pipelines a detailed cleaning to ensure the new lower sulphur fuel is not contaminated in any way.

Many ships for quite a while have been using high viscosity high sulphur fuel oil, mainly due to the lower costs of these fuels. The downside to these is that they really stick to the inside of fuel tanks and form layers of semi-solid sediments and asphaltenic sludge. It, therefore, makes sense that many ship operators now need to clean their fuel oil tanks to rid them of these residues before putting compliant fuel into them ready for Sulpher 2020.

Tank cleaning chemical suppliers:

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Some other companies are also specialized global blender and supplier of marine cleaning chemicals, application equipment and cleaning supervision / supercargo services.

Tank cleaning chemicals:

The following are some of many chemicals that are used tan cleaning in UAE:

Alkatuff: Strong Water Based Alkaline Cleaner and Degreaser for Tank Cleaning after veg.oil, fatty acids etc.

Alkatuff Soft: Alkaline Cleaner Specially Designed For Removal Of Veg. Oil And Tank Cleaning From Cpp Cargoes To Veg. Oil.

Alkatuff Phs: Heavy Duty Water Based Alkaline Tank Cleaner And Degreaser For Tank Cleaning After Veg.Oil, Fish Oils, Soya Bean Oil.

Teepol Plus: General Purpose Water Based Detergent For Cleaning Light Oils And Dirt.


The other chemicals are sodium hypochlorite 12%, heavy duty water based alkaline cleaner 12% solution, Seaclean, IGS cleaner, dyestuff remover, cold wash, buffer cleaner 55, Rs basic, rust & stain remover, cc booster, degreaser, OSD AL and OSD SAL.

One of the risks of not cleaning your tanks before loading them with the new fuel is that there is a strong possibility that the residues and build-ups could dissolve and dislodge themselves into the tanks causing operational issues with filters and purifiers. In the worst-case scenario, you may be looking at fuel starvation and loss of power.