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Propylene Glycol

Just like ethylene glycol, propylene glycol has profound use in the industrial sector. Especially, the marine-based industries use a lot of propylene glycol. If you have a marine-based company, you will need many propylene glycols for your functioning and maintenance. You might be looking for propylene glycol suppliers that can meet your demands. Although there are several propylene dealers in UAE, you might not find proper quality. If you need high-quality products at affordable prices, you should come to us. We at Oasis Chemical Materials Trading Co. provide the best quality propylene glycol in the country. If you want to search for our website, type ‘propylene glycol suppliers near me.’ Our name will top the search results.

Like ethylene glycol, propylene glycol has similar uses. It is used as a coolant for engines in automobiles and other machines. It is also used in the manufacture of polyester resins. In the marine industries, it is specifically used for cleaning liquids. It is also used as a lubricant. Due to its immense range of applications, propylene glycol is preferred by most industries. The quality of the chemical determines its usage in different aspects. If you need high-grade chemicals in bulk amount, you can contact us. We have the experience of supplying both small and bulk amounts of products. Just like many other companies, once you get used to our products, you will not consider the services of other propylene dealers in the UAE.

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