Project Description

Alkaline Cleaner

Oasis Chemical Materials Trading Co. supplies top-class marine chemicals which are pivotal for cleaning chemicals and other product tankers like storage tanks. We are among the top leaders when it comes to alkaline cleaner supplier in UAE. Our company is an exclusive and authorised distributor for various tank cleaning chemicals. Our tank cleaning products include:

  • Alkaline
  • Alkaline Extra
  • Neutral HCF
  • Hydro Carbon Free
  • Degreaser GPA
  • HD
  • HD Split
  • Voyage
  • Coaltar
  • Buffer
  • Air Fresh
  • Pickling Paste

All of the products are of the highest standards meeting the best quality requirements. They are also highly concentrated in active components. Oasis Chemical Materials Trading Co. looks to cater to the needs with the following advantages:

  • Minimum products required for cleaning sessions
  • Effective at lower temperatures
  • Efficient cleaning process

With our alkaline cleaner chemicals UAE, the procedures of cleaning is minimised while achieving a good cleaning result as per the industry standards. This also helps in reduced consumption of fuel and diminishing the environmental footprint.

We are based in Sharjah and started our journey in the year of 1985. Since our inception, we have been dealing with a wide range of chemical products which are related to Marine Chemicals, Laboratory Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals, Fire Fighting Foams, Dispensers, Paper Products and many. We stand as a bright star among the alkaline cleaner dealers in UAE. The best part with our company is when you buy the products from us, you will be allowed to know what exactly you are getting. We guarantee that every product will have the same composition at every purchase.

At Oasis Chemical Materials Trading Co. we assure complete peace of mind through genuine products. Customers will never face unwelcoming surprises when dealing with Oasis Chemical Materials Trading Co.

We are always there for you whenever in need. Just dial our helpline number or leave us a message through the customer query form so that we can serve you in no time.

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