Why Do You Need an Aqua Wash Cleaner?

A good aqua wash cleaner is crucial in achieving the perfect shine and sparkle. Aqua wash cleaner suppliers offer a large selection of Brighteners, Soaps, and Other Specialty Products to help professionals tackle the most challenging tasks.

Aqua-Cleen(r) degreaser Additive is an essential ingredient in high-performance cleaning formulations. Aqua wash cleaner is an odorless, pleasant scent, highly high in the cloud, and an ethoxylated sulfur-based non-ionic surfactant suitable for water-based formulas. It can be used as a single ingredient detergent; however, it also works effectively with other surfactants and builders in a wide pH range.

Aqua wash cleaner can be built on unique sulfur chemistry ethoxylated. This chemistry allows Aqua-Cleen(r) to create macro-emulsions that can disperse large quantities and outstanding wetting properties. Also, the product is unaffected by handling due to its high biodegradability and low toxicity. These attributes and their high effectiveness ensure a highly effective and safe additive to formulas. It is a wetting agent that absorbs, lifts, and removes dirt off the surfaces.

Aqua wash cleaner for general purpose cleaning

You can wash materials and your hands using the aqua cleaner. Aqua Wash Cleaner is a powerful degreaser that you can use for general-purpose cleaning. As a degreasing agent, it helps remove oil and other residues like coal dust, salt, and the resulting residues. Aqua Wash Cleaner contains anionic and non-ionic surfactants and potent dispersing and alkaline agents. You can use aqua wash cleaner on all common metals or synthetic materials, hard paints, rubber, as well as lacquers.

Application of the product:

Due to its decisive detergent action, Aqua wash immediately starts the chemical dissolving process to dissolve and eliminate the grease, oil, and fat. The formula is designed to address various cleaning issues that can be used in a multi-cleaning action as an all-purpose cleaner for an engine area, on decks, and for tank cleaning.

Final Words

Aqua wash is a liquid detergent with a robust formulation containing anionic and non-ionic surfactants. Some proprietary emulsifying agents present give an excellent foaming effect. The biodegradable and non-flammable formula makes it simple to manage personnel. It is non-toxic, non-caustic, and free from solvents. Aqua wash is safe to use on any materials and suitable for use in areas that are not ventilated. Aqua wash is a great way to store cleaning soap. You can get an aqua wash cleaner supply fromaqua wash cleaner suppliersonline that provide the highest quality products. They manufacture a premium assortment of Aqua Wash Cleaner made with the most advanced manufacturing techniques and high natural raw materials.